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Quitting my well paid job in Luxembourg

Luxembourg courses interests

Work hard and there will be a lot to earn. This is what we usually hear when decide to move in any industry. Developing your career in any field is very difficult. A very few people bring the best luck while rest of the world struggle hard to get the dreams. Living in Luxemburg is exactly exciting but it is full of competition. Everyone has to face the difficulties in official or corporate life in order to fulfill the dreams. I am proud to say that it was very lucky for me to get a highly paid job in this country after completing my academic life.

How was the working experience?

No doubt, it was tough but I really enjoyed working in a competitive environment. This is what most of us write in the curriculum vitae while submitting for a job. Seeing my career from a different angle allows me to evaluate what I earned and lost during this period. Broadly speaking, there would be more earnings than what I lost. But it is very easy to say that my mind was stressful and it was not able to think about anything else except job assignment. This was really disturbing because it made me an earning machine just useless for my family and friends. 

What I did to cover up?

In order to cope up with the stress challenges, I decided to try some new courses and workshops. This was a new step taken to change my entire life. Taking workshops where experts discussed different aspects of professional Vs domestic life gave me a new inspiration. I was now seriously thinking about exploration rather than working just like a machine.

I planned to go for a big tour

In order to enjoy my life with some exploration, I finally decided to organize a world tour to different countries. This was a tough decision because it needed a quick resign from an attractive job.

However, I took a bold step and resigned from the company to fulfill my dreams.  
This decision was not welcomed by most of family members and friends. But I was determined to achieve the dreams rather than making money for nothing. I started the world tour from Luxemburg because there were so many places and things to be discovered. I went to European countries such as UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Romania. After completing a tour of Europe, I went to Turkey, Russia, Spain, Japan, China, Korea, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco and everywhere in South America.

What I gained from world tour?

It’s just a short story about my tours. I gained so much satisfaction after completing the tours. I learned that earning less just for my own needs is enough. Today, I spend a happy life with my family because we know happiness and exploration are everything to have a charm in this world. No doubt, my incomes are not high as compared to the previous salary but it is enough to fulfill my needs such as living expenses in an expensive country just life Luxemburg and I can finally have plenty of time for me, my interests and my family.