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Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School

LEATSS is a collaborative, project-based, week-long, residential summer school for actors, directors and music theatre singers as well as – less regularly – writers/devisors. It is particularly suited to amateur enthusiasts (and those who may be a little hesitant) who wish to develop and improve their practical skills, knowledge, understanding and capabilities.

Our aim is to enrich, nourish and nurture. To do this we provide expert professional tuition within a friendly and fully supportive environment. All tutors have a wide and impressive track record as professional theatre practitioners and teachers and our tutor-to-participant ratio is high. With 4 tutors and 40 to 50 participants, we generally have one tutor to 10 or so participants.

The work is creative and inspiring, the pace impressive but rewarding, the atmosphere friendly and supportive. Because the emphasis is on process and not product (how can we do it, not how well do we perform), we can encompass a wide range of age, experience and skill. You can also find more information on LEATSS website.

Saturday July 22nd - Sunday July 30th 2017

Our regular summer school course follows the "Munsbach model" developed at our original home in Luxembourg whereby activity revolves entirely around project work designed to accommodate and integrate the different strands. Tutors work with students throughout the day and the various projects interweave from time to time : there are sessions where staff move across from one project to another ; particular explorations may be shared or pooled ; there may be developments that briefly pull in the entire student body. By the end of the week, everyone should have sampled something of the experience of everyone else.

We are active throughout each day, with time off on Thursday afternoon and evening. Although the course is intensive the atmosphere is relaxed, and we ensure that there is time – in breaks, around the grounds and winding down at the end of the day – to chat and share the experience.

On the first day, the tutors will present their 2017 projects after which students will be asked to select which two classes they wish to attend*. They must choose one theme class and one skills class. Descriptions of the projects / classes offered by each tutor this year can be found here:

An optional course (called Project 3) is also available for directors / would be directors. This is described here:

*To avoid over-subscription of any one class, students will asked to indicate their preference for each course. It can happen that a student will have to accept their second choice for either their theme or skills project.


The Workshops

Each of the 2-day Intensive Workshops will deal exclusively with the subject offered allowing students to concentrate on that subject and immerse themselves in the material without the interactions and sharing of work associated with the Summer School. Generally, the workshops do not require previous knowledge or experience.

The three workshops will be held one after the other, permitting students to attend one, two or all three workshops. The timetable will follow that of the Summer School so that breaks and meal times coincide. Students can also stay at Clairefontaine for the duration of the workshops in which they are participating. Prospective students should note that they may participate in the Summer School or in the Intensive Workshops but not both. Combining the two is not possible.

Because details are not yet finalised, students who might be interested in doing all three workshops can apply for either the summer school or the workshops and then decide on one or the other at a later stage.

The Timetable

Each Workshop has 12 hours 45 minutes of class, broken down as follows:

  • Day 1 (5 hours) starts at 2 pm and continues until 9.15 pm with breaks for tea/coffee and supper.
  • Day 2 (7 hours 45 minutes) starts at 9.30 am and continues until 9.15 pm with breaks for tea/coffee, lunch and supper. Students are encouraged to attend the summer school warm-up at 9.00 am.
  • 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast are included as well as lunch on Day 1.

Registration and room occupation will be from 11 am until 1 pm on the starting day (or by prior arrangement with the course administrator).

Students doing all three workshops will have the option to stay for the entire week, participating in the opening and closing forums, the summer school tasters and the picnic.

You can also visit the website for more info on the courses and workshops.